Farida Haque
2 min readJan 10, 2023


Raise Up Your Angels, Lord

~ and us mortals too ~

Digital water color adobe images artist unknown

Wounded air

blood of my heart

wept for a kiss and I

fell at your feet.

I fell at your feet, Lord.

Quintessentially heartless,

you the promised lover

of Rumi and Hafez,

know nothing of love

even less of desire.

Lord, see us.

Fallen angels,

undone by your whim

for looking askance,

shed a tear or two

in camaraderie

Raise them up, Lord

your celestial singers

robbed of rhapsodies

vanish even as we

humans inherit cindered worlds,

green and gold torn asunder.

Tears fall on open mouths

of abyss and forgotten seas

our hymns stay imprisoned

by a cruel mesh of

prayers turned to metals

Your worshippers need feeding, Lord



Farida Haque

Multimedia artist, writer, poet. “I could not have painted myself happy without painting myself sad first…” faridahaque@gmail.com