How Can I Unsee Rage And Fear

Farida Haque
1 min readDec 13, 2022

~ refuge in rare moments ~

“Starry Night” Vincent Van Gogh public domain

There are nights, I swear,

when I can feel dew falling on the world.

Blinded night skies shimmer with clarity then,

starlight rains down like

limpid rainbows on

purple shadows, and lost

fireflies weave

a phosphorescent net of

blue-green lights

around slumbering forms,

while a silence washed in crystal holds us close.

As a forgotten sleep soughs

against the consciousness,

I almost forget;

we have fallen from grace…

And then there are days

when opaque skies sublimate into

iridescent cerulean,

clouds turn salmon pink

at sunset and look like mustangs at play…

As it comes upon me

with satin stealth,

a polished moon drags my

soul along into night’s

palace and sits like an

emperor clothed in


I melt into its argentine eye

and fleetingly unsee

fear and rage…

Farida Haque

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Farida Haque

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