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  • Chrissie Powers

    Chrissie Powers

    I can teach you how words speak to the mind and soul. Feeding on words all of my life. I write about everything. I write unique.

  • Linda Caroll

    Linda Caroll

    Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

  • Richa.


    Autistic/ADHD. My poetry is messy, imperfect, and candid like me.

  • Docliz


  • Zain Jafri

    Zain Jafri

    Zain Jafri is a data science and analytics professional in the healthcare industry and an amateur history, geopolitics, and economics enthusiast.

  • Prateek Dasgupta, M.S.

    Prateek Dasgupta, M.S.

    Top writer in History, Science, Art, Food, and Culture. Interested in lost civilizations and human evolution. Contact: prateekdasgupta@gmail.com

  • Danielle Hestand

    Danielle Hestand

    I am passionate about literature, feminism, animals, and critical thinking. I love learning and sharing ideas.

  • Lonnie McFadden

    Lonnie McFadden

    I write; therefore, I am. Let’s keep in touch https://linktr.ee/lsmcfadd

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