Farida Haque
2 min readDec 6, 2022


Fire-Eaters Fire-Breathers

~ meek is not weak~

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Drench each day in passion, I say

meet each day

arms aflame.


burn beyond burn

blaze and blister –

what have we to lose?

Borrowed skins, all.

Ashes to ashes…


Choose never to surrender

Be a blue flame

perhaps a red flame

today a soft one,

tomorrow a flaming spear

aimed with resolve —


Tonight an expectant ember like a

gentle lover’s eyes,

wet pelts in the rain

waiting for an

ignescent kiss.

Nothing is sadder

than spent smoke…

Burn, I say —

breathe tongues of fire

for women locked inside

silent screams

doused in betrayal

and eaten by acid

in the name of honor. Poised

for a leap of faith,

illusory barriers

tested and smashed,

choose never to surrender.

Blaze or smoke

sigh or smoulder;

Fire-eaters, fire-breathers

we were born to run!

In deep palms like

mothers of long-lost

tribes, we bring fire

across time and tide

desert and ravine,

night and day —

our children await us.

Rest a while

as we all must —

lean smudged brows

against a warm stove,

cool hands on metals

rocks and memories of childhood’s mud pies.

Slash and burn

seed and feed.

Midwife a new day

in which our children

look to their own truths

surely as sunflowers turn to the sun

Farida Haque

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Farida Haque

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