After Dorian’s Havoc

~ miracle of the sleeping boy of Moratuwa ~


Image by happymom33 on Pixabay

Ocean —

Mercury in God’s palm.

Sky —

A leap into brittle crystal

and on grey sand,

huts built on air hunger.

Inside one hut,

a crippled boy sleeps.


blessed shadow of dreams!

Beach —

Strewn with salt and bitterness

where damp men

who hunt fishes wait,

ebony martyrs with

hair like lacquer of night sky’s

merciless blue black.

Church —

a simple affair, effigies of Mary,

Jesus and Saint Michael

framed in alcoves, and a bell.


the sun’s holocaust

with deafening rhythms

consumes all —

Poverty, sky and melancholy boats.

With a sighing susurration

the ocean withdraws,

and leaves behind

silver fish choking on death,

oppaline shells and

polyhedron sparkle of

shards of glass.

Waifs and faceless women run,

gather maddened fish,

just as walls of

blackened green water

descend upon them to reclaim

what is theirs —

It is, after all, their world.

Water rips into church

gnashes at pews,

lectern, a beleaguered cross

a hundred years old.

Then in crazed eddies,

I see them.

I see them both —

Jesus, Lord Jesus,

wooden gilded guardian

of poor man’s laundry

and consecrated trash,

and Saint Michael, of the rest.

And the boy sleeps on,

as he floats in a ghost mother’s

copper milk,

conjures images of sweetness

as seawater

riddled with corpses

turns his bed into a palanquin

borne by Jesus

washed in gold,

and on the other side,

Saint Michael.

O blessed, blessed shadow of dreams!

Farida Haque

Soon after I left Sri Lanka, a Tsunami smashed into part of the coast I was familiar with. I loved a small village which fell in its path and I imagine suffered great loss… but miracles do happen in dire moments… I like to think the little boy was saved.

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Multimedia artist, writer, poet. ‘Celebrating other lives, I am a sparrow in the shadow of a rosebush...’

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