Farida Haque
2 min readJan 9


A Love Poem

~ and it is yours ~

“Pandora” Odilon Redon public domain


stretched and drowned

in the sun,

born of this my world


Then a dazzled sky

opened itself to me

with a promise of

love’s redemption,

— more for its own sake than mine —

with faith lost, what’s left?

Wild is my soul

and it is yours.

And you are beautiful.

O fruit of paradise,

grant me a measure of happiness.


do not keep score today.

Wild is my spirit…

and it is yours,

breaks free of all rules

and dictats of man

and you are beautiful.

Fruit fallen from paradise,

sing an aria of love’s


even as the evening breeze

dies before dawn

and abandons buds

trembling with soft pain.

When was it that our hands touched?

And like a murmured breeze

I held your essence gently

into cupped hollow

of my hands and I saw

desert roses filling

your palms and blooming…

when I look at you

you smile and make me smile …

It’s as if a spell whirls and swirls

stars into our eyes

love’s insanity holds

sway over me

all I want is you.

Last night

I dreamed of what

would come true,

if it could…

an exhausted lover

consumed by passion

takes an arduous path

to you, my love

in broad daylight.

Unafraid and proud she

puts her mouth to yours,

lingers to drink

and leaves tongue

loose in your mouth

to talk to you about love

Farida Haque



Farida Haque

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